It just ended, I stood there watching you burn it. I couldn’t stop, for I was the one who started it.
So I kept the ashes with me, enclosed them in my heart. It twists the knife whenever you slip my mind.

~Your rose tainted heart was never for me so I took refuge in darkness, my long standing acquaintance


Not all monsters are terrifying, the one I see in the mirror is so beautiful yet so abhorrent

~you told me I was worth it so I showed you how wrong you can be

Caught up

I am so caught up in my actions but watch me drop everything upon a single call of yours,
For I have been close to many souls and bodies but it only reminded what i am missing and its you

~ Teach me how to change gods

I am sitting by the phone, circling my finger over your name. Hanging on a thread

Call me please or atleast leave a text maybe…


I ran into your arms but you already had them occupied, So I collapsed in wrong places

~To the wrong person who felt so right, I wish you were the one…


Tell me Lies tonight

Tell me that the rush penetrates your body whenever we touch
Tell me you dream about me everytime you close your eyes
Tell me your eyes swell up everytime you see my face but it’s miles apart
Tell me you wake up in the middle of night craving me
Tell me you feel your skin burning, seeing me with someone else
Tell me I am your definition of beauty
Tell me you choose your words, for the fear of hurting me
Tell me you pray for me everyday
Tell me the thought of leaving me trembles your soul
Tell me I am always at the back of your mind
Tell me you love me without any conditions

~ I wish the only wound on my heart was the unrequited love of yours but I was blessed with more than enough…


Is it normal to always look out, hoping to get hold of something.
Like finding the one last missing piece of a jigsaw puzzle.
~or maybe I am just missing you alot lately


I am addicted to your memories, the way it rips open my heart.The way it makes me feel my emotions raw. The way it injects pain in my bones. The way it makes me content yet leaves me hollow.
~These memories sit tight with me even when it gets too dark.


It wasn’t yours as much as it wasn’t mine
All you could offer was some pity topped with a few stolen kisses

~ it was already given away

Over loved

I seldom loved but when i did, I poured my whole being in it.

Alas, I forgot even excess of sugar in your favourite dessert can make it inedible.
Surely my mistake was I over poured

~I loved her and for a moment she loved me back too