Over loved

I seldom loved but when i did, I poured my whole being in it.

Alas, I forgot even excess of sugar in your favourite dessert can make it inedible.
Surely my mistake was I over poured

~I loved her and for a moment she loved me back too


It was love for me, my salvation
It was night terrors for you, your destruction
It was a dream for me, my personal paradise
It was a cardinal sin for you, your personal hell


My heart is stained but stains always come out.

It won’t take long just another life time…


I opened myself to you like a rose in the wake of spring. But you left my love on low heat to shimmer, it won’t be a surprise if it all eventually evaporates

~she loved me but not in the way i wanted


Every absorbed agony pierces into my skin until blood oozes out. Every word takes birth in the pool of my blood. Every sentence is carefully depicting my shattered soul.

Look closely,It’s just screams caged in words.
~After all your absence gave birth to a poet..


What would you do?

The very arms that are your ultimate bliss, the ones you will run into when the whole world shrinks ~just recoil at slight touch of yours

Too late

Last night I begged myself to sleep but my mind ran in circles,my eyes tearing up, my heart sinking in my chest. If it’s not the consequence of my own choice then tell me what it is..

~Always wanting to be loved by the wrong ones


Is it love if it constantly makes you question your worth? Is it love if you are always second to all? Is it love if you are always insignificant?is it love if your feelings are always pushed to the side? Is it love if you always end up alone? Is it love if they love you at thier convenience? Is it love if it pierces your soul leaving you shattered?
If all this is love then yes I am loved or maybe loved to the most.


The heart which once used to burst at the thought of your departure,

is now just sitting quiet with no feelings,

leaving me bewildered that how did I become this cold.

But then i hear a whisper in my ear “When you get hit at the same spot repeatedly,that part breaks ,hence ceases to work.”

I did hit me, maybe thats why my emotions were evaporating without me knowing.


It’s not wanting, its yearning to the core. When you are on the brick to ignite every thing that impedes you from melting in those arms.When your body tenses,your jaw clenches,your nails dig into your palm. The urge to burn everything even if it burns you aswell…