It’s not wanting, its yearning to the core. When you are on the brick to ignite every thing that impedes you from melting in those arms.When your body tenses,your jaw clenches,your nails dig into your palm. The urge to burn everything even if it burns you aswell…


I am absorbing every agony into my skin. All my silence is emerging into echoe of screams. Just need a needle to burst or maybe a hand to untie the knots…


I rubbed my fingers along your jaw, my hand then making it’s way to your neck,watching your chin lift as my grip tightens,gilding over your collar bone, sliding into your shirt, carefully tracing the curves of your body,

maybe my hands couldn’t stop because I was not merely touching on you, i was memorizing you

Hold on

I tried holding on to you, absorb every moment with its delicate details. But moments cannot be absorbed they can only be lived to the most,

Why waste something so ravishing trying to make it forever…


Yes you will leave and I will sit back, like watching the sun set. Knowing its inevitable.


How will I hold my heart and cradle it to sleep every night knowing no matter how much I wander I can’t end up in your arms.
How will I cool the burns I feel on my skin, when it screams for your touch.
How will i carry the emptiness you left inside me.
How will I breathe without wishing you were here.
How will I be at peace knowing they are so many people around you, just not me.
Yes I want you to leave yet my soul pleads “please stay”


I know how you felt,

It was like feeling naked with your clothes on,

Like watching your life slipping out of your hands,

Like all of the sudden everything you owned just abandoned you,

Like everything you acquired was just a mirage,

I know,

You wanted to scream but your voice was gone,

You wanted to argue but with whom? There was no one in sight,

You wanted to fight,but what was the motive?

You wanted to run so fast that you might disappear,

But when you looked below, your feet were shackled,

When you noticed your pocket all it had was broken dreams, shattered home, and people who were near you but not yours.


When you love someone they dwell in your heart, where do they go when you unlove them?


Forever was never for me. Those moments when your eyes reflected your love,your tongue slipped your feelings and your fingers couldn’t resist, that’s my forever.


You might have felt lost at unknown places, but have you ever felt like a stranger,at places you have known forever?

Left out

To be loved to the core and then feeling left out like a tree being over looked while driving. The tree was there,standing still, waiting to be looked upon and so am I.