At the threshold

Under the blazing daylight I want to conquer the whole world, but at night all I desire is to be someone to you

So if you ever wonder where I am, I am right where you left me, standing at the threshold of the door with tears in my eyes watching you leave.

To my love

Even after all those years, I will still want my first love twice
I will love you over the course of time, my love will keep on piling up like the miles that keep on extending between us, through the tears I shed and through the years I spent without you, For i will always love you

~All this water in the oceans but still not enough to wash away the bloodstains you left


All I ever did was yearn for you, I miss you even when you are right beside me for you are not mine or this place is yours so you will leave and I don’t even have the right to make you stay

~Oozing love in places that were already filled


I can’t smile while looking into all those eyes desiring me
But i cry every time i see your eyes vacant for me.

Your desolate eyes are far more noticeable to my heart than a thousand glares filled with fascination

~Love might be unexplainable but surely you can measure its depth by the wrecks it left behind


Immersed in those sheets with my breath rising as your fingers hit the right stop and my body arching with every stroke. I hid my head in your chest with a wish to live my forever like that but when reality made its way through the curtains and shone bright on my face, I reached out to clutch to your shirt but there was nothing except those empty sheets and a heart crammed in memories

~she was in the palm of My hand and still not mine


I promise one day you’re going to wake at 3 am, all this is going to make sense, your feelings will be sorted and a lump of courage will rise in your throat and you will get out of bed to come after me but i will be gone.

I promise it will hurt

~you took way too long to come hence I froze


I despise myself and the choices I made but tonight when I thought it through I didn’t feel hate for myself infact I hugged myself, not out of love but pity. The cold wave of hollowness dipped in misery made my soul Tremble and tears started rolling down my cheeks


I kept knocking your door, sometimes you answered other times I stood outside freezing, but everytime I turned away I came right back

Whats worse? to not be loved or to keep begging for being loved


I was pouring out my whole being for you and all you could do was look at me with love drenched in gulit
~I wanted to belong to you but you already belonged somewhere else


When you find your is heart bleeding but you keep on scarping the wounds.

When your heart is sinking down your ribs but you call it butterflies from the bitter-sweet love

~my heart craves her, is it my Iove for her or the hate for myself?