Indigo feelings


When you find your is heart bleeding but you keep on scarping the wounds. When your heart is sinking down your ribs but you call it butterflies from the bitter-sweet love ~I know i deserve better but my heart still keeps on craving her, is it my Iove for her or the hate for myself?


Her warmth came and left just like sunshine in December, unexpected yet blissful but always leaving cold and giving a taste of wanting more. in the blink of an eye everthing vanished or maybe there wasn’t anything to begin with except my delusions ~ I misconstrued us as inseparable and just like that all thoseContinue reading “Inseparable”


Have you ever been numb or hollow even when you are suppose to be the happiest? Or maybe I can’t feel happiness because I can’t share it with her


I am tired of everything, now I want you around. To fill your mind with all my thoughts, to feel your words healing every wound, to hear every detail of how you spent your day to every little thing that made you happy and everything that’s been troubling you. your voice and goffiness massaging myContinue reading “Void”


It just ended, I stood there watching you burn it. I couldn’t stop, for I was the one who started it. So I kept the ashes with me, enclosed them in my heart. It twists the knife whenever you slip my mind. ~Your rose tainted heart was never for me so I took refuge inContinue reading “Wrecks”


Not all monsters are terrifying, the one I see in the mirror is so beautiful yet so abhorrent ~you told me I was worth it so I showed you how wrong you can be

Caught up

I am so caught up in my actions but watch me drop everything upon a single call of yours,For I have been close to many souls and bodies but it only reminded what i am missing and its you ~ Teach me how to change gods

I am sitting by the phone, circling my finger over your name. Hanging on a thread Call me please or atleast leave a text maybe…


I ran into your arms but you already had them occupied, So I collapsed in wrong places ~To the wrong person who felt so right, I wish you were the one…


Tell me Lies tonight Tell me that the rush penetrates your body whenever we touchTell me you dream about me everytime you close your eyesTell me your eyes swell up everytime you see my face but it’s miles apartTell me you wake up in the middle of night craving meTell me you feel your skinContinue reading “Lies”


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